• Sneaking Hidden Fees Into the Quote

Any time you review a quote provided to you by a roofing company, be sure to read it over carefully and ask if any added fees have been tacked on. For example, some companies may include additional, and unnecessary, services in their estimates so they can get more money out of you. Ask your roofer for a bare-bones quote that includes just the necessities to get your job done.

  • A Significantly Lower Bid Than Others

If a contractor gives you a bid that's significantly lower than those you receive from other roofing companies, you should consider this a red flag. The cheapest bid for any job is usually a result of the company cutting corners; so even if you save money up-front, you could end up with a faulty roof, bad installation, or poor-quality materials that will need to be repaired and replaced down the road. It's better to spend more on a company and materials you can trust.

There's a lot to keep in mind as you shop around for the right roofing company. By keeping an eye out for these red flags, you can make the best decision for your needs.

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5 Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring a Roofing Company

If your home's roof is in need of repair or replacement, you'll probably be hiring a roofing company to do the job. Unfortunately, not all of them can provide you with the level of service and workmanship you expect and deserve. As you shop around for a roofing contractor, there are several potential red flags you should be on the lookout for.

  • Soliciting With a Free Inspection

A lot of times, roofing companies will go door to door (especially after heavy storms roll through the area) offering a free roofing inspection to homeowners. These roofers are known as "storm chasers," and they're after the money put up by your homeowner's insurance policy to pay for any repairs caused by hail, high winds, or other severe weather.

You shouldn't trust these "free" estimates because the company almost always finds major damage that will need repairs--even if the damage isn't there. A reputable company will not solicit.

  • Requiring Up-Front Payment

When you have any major roofing work or replacement done, you should be able to put down a deposit in order for work to get started. You should never have to pay in full for your work before it's completed, as you deserve a chance to make sure the work is done properly before you hand over the rest of the money. If a company tries to get you to pay in full before starting work--especially if they want you to pay in cash--it's time to look elsewhere.


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  • Misleading Warranties

Another potential red flag to watch for is misleading information about your roof's warranty (if you're having a new one installed). The roofing company may mention, for example, that the roof comes with a 20-year warranty; what they may not mention, however, is that the warranty only covers certain types of damage and/or does not include parts and labour.

Always make sure you receive detailed information about a warranty before you decide to go with any roofing company for your replacement job, as the offerings and conditions can vary greatly.


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